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Thomas and I have had a super exciting last few weeks. I’ve had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that 2010 would be a year of growth and changes for T2 Photography. I know that there is something stirring, that the Lord is doing something amazing in our lives and in our business.

In 2010 We’ve Realized That…

  • if we give God the glory in everything we do, He will bless our marriage & our business and give us the desires of our hearts.
  • the only thing holding us back is fear.
  • fear is a prerequisite to success.
  • being exactly who we are…being honest…revealing the things that some people wouldn’t say or put out there for the world to see…is what makes us different…and it is enough.
  • our clients deserve that kind of honesty.
  • our goals are attainable…and dreams do come true.
  • there is no dream too big. If we don’t dream it, then it can never become a reality.

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Already, 2010 is proving to be a big year.

We’ll be attending an intensive workshop in Nashville in February. I really can’t even explain how ridiculously excited I am about attending Making Things Happen 2010.

As soon as I found out about The Making Things Happen Tour, I knew I wanted we needed to go. I’d been reading Lara Casey’s blog, watching video blogs from people who had already attended and mentioning MTH2010 to Thomas every day. The other people who had attended were saying the same things I have felt, and they were coming home from this intensive restored, refreshed, inspired, determined and more confident than ever before.

Lives were changing…and I so badly wanted to go. In my heart I knew that we were supposed to attend…that it was exactly what Thomas and I needed…what T2 Photography needed…but my brain knew that it was a hefty investment, and that both of us going was probably out of the question. Inside, I was super disappointed. I knew this intensive would help us launch our business in the direction of our dreams, but on the outside, I tried not to show my disappointment to Thomas.

Apparently, I did not hide my feelings well enough. I think Thomas really felt the same way about attending Making Things Happen…and he could definitely tell how very important this was to me. The next day, I went to work as if it were any other day, still thinking about the Making Things Happen Tour. That afternoon, I opened my laptop, and sitting on my keyboard, were two tickets to  Making Things Happen in Nashville. I was STUNNED. I couldn’t believe what Thomas had done, and I could hardly contain my excitement. I was so touched that he knew how important this was to me. He knew I wanted to go…he knew I wanted him to go…and he knew we needed to go. So he bought the tickets, and we are counting down the days until Nashville.

T2 Photography is preparing to Make Things Happen and we’re already getting FIRED UP about what 2010 will bring!

We invite you to come with us on this journey…it’s sure to be an amazing adventure!



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  • Emily @ Southern WeddingsJanuary 28, 2010 - 12:25 pm

    I am SO EXCITED for you both!! You are so ready for the intensive and I am so excited to see where it takes you! We’re counting down, as well!ReplyCancel

  • SarahFebruary 6, 2010 - 10:16 pm

    Thanks Emily! We absolutely CAN’T WAIT! {Yay!}ReplyCancel

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