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Stephanie and Joshua were an absolute joy! Although we weren’t able to do an engagement session with these two beforehand, we were thrilled to be able to meet them for lunch a few days before their wedding. I knew Stephanie from high school, but I hadn’t seen her in several years, so it was great to be able to chat a bit, meet Joshua, and let her and Joshua meet Thomas before the big day. Just as I suspected, we all clicked right away. Conversation was easy, and I knew that we were going to have a ball with these two on their wedding day.

Stephanie and Joshua married on December 11th, at the chapel at Auburn United Methodist Church. Although it was a tad bit chilly, Stephanie and Joshua knew that they absolutely wanted to spend some time outside to take photos. They’re huge Auburn fans, so we were super excited to learn that they wanted to take some of their wedding photos at the university. We jumped in the car, and all of us rode down to Samford Hall. The bridesmaids were troopers, and even though it was cold, we got some wonderful wedding party photos on campus.

After a beautiful ceremony, we all headed to the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center for the reception. Their wedding happened to take place on the day that the Heisman Trophy winner would be announced. When Joshua and Stephanie learned that Cam Newton won the Heisman, these two couldn’t wait to celebrate with their Auburn family! After cutting the cake, spinning around the dance floor, eating dinner and greeting their guests….what did this newly-married couple want to do?! To our surprise, they wanted to take a quick break from their wedding reception, and go celebrate Cam’s Heisman win by rolling Toomer’s Corner with the rest of their Auburn family! We were thrilled. We walked down to Toomer’s following the couple, several members of their wedding party, the groom’s parents and a few other guests.

At Toomer’s Corner, Mr. and Mrs. Graham were welcomed warmly! As we walked down the street, the Auburn fans who were already rolling Toomer’s became Stephanie and Joshua’s cheerleaders. People driving by honked their horns and yelled, “Congratulations!” People from the crowd pulled out their cell phones and took pictures. Fellow-Auburn fans handed them toilet paper, saying “War Eagle, and congratulations!” As Stephanie and Joshua approached the tree, the crowd parted like the Red Sea. Stephanie and Joshua’s Auburn family was happy to see the newly-married couple. They wanted to make sure that they were able to roll the tree, and they also wanted to make sure that we were able to capture photos of the event! Aubie even took a break from celebrating with the fans, jumped down from the wall he was standing on, and posed for a photo with the newlyweds. It was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

After we finished up at Toomer’s, we headed back to the reception, where Stephanie and Joshua danced the night away with their friends and family. And when the bride and groom left the reception, they made a grand exit just perfect for these Auburn fans. They ran through a tunnel of friends and family members, waving orange and blue shakers, cheering them on!

Stephanie and Joshua, we had a marvelous time at your wedding. Thank you for allowing us to capture the day, and thank you for sharing your once-in-a-lifetime Toomer’s Corner experience with us! We’re honored. We wish you two a lifetime of happiness together. War Eagle!

(We’re also excited that the above image was printed in “Bodda Getta,” a book published by The Opelika-Auburn News to commemorate Auburn’s phenomenal season!)

The lovely vendors we worked alongside:

Bride & Bridesmaids’ Hair: Jennifer Sealey at 2 Chic Salon & Boutique

Ceremony: Auburn United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center

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