The First Look | Wedding Day Tips


Today’s unsolicited tip from a wedding photographer: Before you get too hung up on tradition, make sure you consider all of the benefits of having a first look on your wedding day! A few reasons we’re pro-first look off the top of my head: 1- We literally watch the wedding day stress melt away from brides and grooms when they see each other! Seeing your groom (or bride) is the perfect reminder of why you are doing all the crazy wedding stuff in the first place! 2- It’s much more enjoyable to spend the entire day with your future husband than it is to spend the whole beginning of the day hiding from each other, and then only getting a few moments to speak to each other before the reception begins. 3-By the time the ceremony is over, everyone’s ready to party! If you don’t see each other beforehand, you still have all family photos, wedding party photos, and photos of just the two of you. And 4- If you have winter wedding, it’s likely that it will be dark by the time you’re ceremony is over, which means you’ll miss out on all the beautiful creamy natural light photos of the two of you together! I could go on, but I’ll stop there. If you’re on the fence, we’re always happy to talk to you about options! Find us on Instagram for lots more wedding day tips!



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