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We were so excited for Scott & Casey when we found out that they were engaged. Thomas and Scott have been friends for quite some time. They met because Scott used to come hunt at Cedar Creek Plantation, Thomas’ family farm. Scott and Casey live in Scottsboro, so we’ve enjoyed hanging out with them since we moved to Huntsville. When they asked us to photograph their wedding, we were thrilled.

Since Scott had spent time in Greenville hunting with Thomas, he really wanted to come back for a visit & shoot their e-session there. We {gladly} agreed! This e-session was a little different than anything we’d done before, because we had another great surprise that weekend. Our  videographer friend, Amos Turner, said that he wanted to come video us shooting Scott and Casey’s e-session. Not only were we photographing Scott & Casey, but Amos was videoing us and Scott and Casey too. It was awesome.

Amos has been involved in videography for years, but his main focus has been the hunting industry.  We’re excited that he’s become interested in wedding  videography/cinematography too. {We’ve shared Amos’ video below our photos. Please let us know what you think!}

Scott and Casey were wonderful. They were excited to have Amos along, and even though Scott was having a serious allergy attack, he made it through the session with no trouble at all. Since his allergies were bothering him in Greenville, we decided to have a second short session in Scottsboro and go out to dinner. {The bottom two photos are from Scott & Casey’s second session.}

Scott and Casey, we had a fabulous time with you two, and we can’t wait till your wedding day!

Please Note: Video password is scott&casey.

{Thanks for the video, Amos!}


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  • LaurenMay 21, 2010 - 1:28 pm

    Tried the video, says the password is invalid. Not sure what I’m doing wrong if there isn’t a password? Love the pictures! Especially the 2nd with her dipped in the water – how cute! 🙂 Can’t wait for our session! Hope y’all are doing well!ReplyCancel

    • SarahMay 21, 2010 - 1:53 pm

      Hey Lauren! The password is scott&casey. Sorry about that! Thought I figured out how to remove it, but it was saved in my cache! Thanks for letting me know. We can’t wait for your {and Justin’s} e-session! Looking forward to it! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • LaurenMay 21, 2010 - 3:20 pm

    Ok the video is AMAZING and makes me that much more excited to shoot with you guys! 🙂 Any chance you can talk your friend into taking a trip to Auburn? 😉 Congrats to the couple and how lucky are they to have such priceless pictures and video to remember this time by?!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie HastingsMay 21, 2010 - 5:29 pm

    I love the pictures they are wonderful!!! I’ve been watching for them for days!!! Amos the video is wonderful also!!! The three of you do an outstanding job!!ReplyCancel

  • Amos TurnerMay 21, 2010 - 6:57 pm

    Thanks for the comments. This is still a pretty new area for me. The video with Scott and Casey was unscripted and shot from the hip without any idea on anyone’s part of what the outcome was going to turn out like.
    I shot everything on a Sony FX 1000 in 24p using a couple different lens and camera settings for most of the color. Very little tripod was used. Everything was done freehand.
    Scott and Casey are a great couple and we had a really good time with them. With a little time, great friends (Thomas and Sarah), great couples, and a WHOLE lot of passion and drive we WILL get better. Just give us a little time and everyone will be totally amazed at the outcome. I am looking forward to the future, the creativity, and drive to produce some of the best wedding videos available in the Southeast.

    Thanks for all for you comments and keep the blogs busy…


  • Debbie CobbMay 22, 2010 - 7:41 am

    I love the video! That is so cool!ReplyCancel

  • Virginia GradenMay 25, 2010 - 5:46 am

    Your pics were priceless. The video was wonderful. Of course you had the perfect couple. Congrats.ReplyCancel

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