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Sarah Boutwell, T2 PhotographyWe are Thomas and Sarah Boutwell, a husband and wife photography team based out of Huntsville, Alabama. Thomas began his photography journey as an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed capturing the beauty of the landscapes and wildlife around him. In the past year, Thomas’ love for photography has shifted from wildlife to people. Thomas’ artistic eye, technical knowledge and  field photography experience, give him a unique ability as a portrait photographer. With his natural ability, creative mind and experience in nature photography, he is able to provide our clients with beautiful photos with a creative flare, while still understanding the importance of  stepping back and letting the moment happen.  These skills give  clients artistic images that are still journalistic in style, creating not only a beautiful image, but beautiful memories for families to treasure forever. 

Thomas Boutwell, T2 photography

My love for photography began when I met Thomas. My creativity manifested itself in writing for much of my life. I attended Auburn University where I excelled in journalism classes and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. I worked at a magazine after college, where I expanded my journalism skills and became interested in photography and graphic design. Since Thomas and I married, we have found that our creative talents also married, and they have beautifully blended together. With my love for graphic design and journalism, it was only a matter of time before I picked up a camera and started to follow in Thomas’ footsteps. Since then, I have also grown to love photographing people, telling their stories with photographs rather than a pen and paper.

These are a few photographs that Thomas recently took of me while scouting out locations for photo shoots. The photo of Thomas was taken at St. Simons Island while he was photographing our nephew as he played on the shore. We photograph babies, children, families, seniors, events, weddings and much more.If you’d like more information please contact us by e-mail or at 334.799.0171. We’re looking forward to telling your story and capturing your memories.


T2 Photography


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