Change is in the Air

Dear Clients & Friends,

During these past three years, you have been our biggest cheerleaders and our most valuable asset. Your support and kind words keep us going. You also are our best marketers. You have told your friends, your neighbors and your family members about our work. To put it simply, we would never, ever have made it to where we are without you on our team.

In the past year, Thomas and I have made some big steps forward and some giant changes. You’ve been there every step of the way cheering us on, and we are immensely grateful to each one of you.

Some of you who keep up with us on Facebook or the blog might have caught on to the fact that the changes are not over for Thomas and me. You’d be right. We’ve been working on another GIANT change for a while now, and we’ve officially been making changes since July.

After meeting with some very smart and influential people in our lives and doing some serious soul-searching about where we see our business in the future, we have decided to make another leap forward towards change.

Soon, T2 Photography will become Sarah and Thomas Photography. We love what we do, and we are proud of our work. We want to put our name on it.  We realize that a name is your first impression, and we feel like we have “outgrown” our old name a bit. When we started down this path, we didn’t have any idea that Thomas and I would eventually do this together full-time, that we would photograph weddings, or that we would have opportunities to take our work beyond Alabama. We’ve also found that there are other companies operating under the name of “T2 Photography ,” and we want to  make sure that our work,  reputation and name are protected.

With all of that said, we also realize that this could potentially be a very dangerous step for our business and us. Besides social media, word of mouth marketing – from YOU GUYS – is the only form of marketing we’ve done. So if we change our name, and you don’t get the memo? We realize that this could devastate our business.

The old web site will of course offer an explanation and redirect people to, but we still need your help. You have gotten us to where we are today, and we’d be so grateful if you’d help spread the word as we take this next giant leap forward.

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the new brand. Same photographers. Same perspective. New, fresh look. With a new, fresh name. Welcome to Sarah and Thomas Photography.

With gratitude and much love,

Sarah and Thomas Boutwell


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