Jessica & Zach | Southern Engagement | T2 Photography

We have had so much fun with Jessica and Zach. When we were planning their e-session, we were thrilled to learn that Zach’s family had a beautiful farm, and they wanted to have their e-session there! When we got there..we were super excited! It was breathtaking, and we knew that we would definitely have a successful shoot.

Jessica and Zach were so easy to photograph. They’ve been best friends since they were in sixth grade, and they remained friends through high school and into college. While in college, they realized that their friendship was much more than that…the two had fallen in love. I think that their friendship, love and level of comfort with each other is what made it so easy to take beautiful photos of them. It was like they could read each other’s movements…they already knew what to do with very little instruction.

We’re looking forward to their wedding in October. When Jessica showed me the save-the-dates she made {with the help of a graphic-designing-friend}, I was super impressed…and sooooo happy to learn that she was creative! {Yay for creative brides!}

Jessica and Zach, we had a blast with you two! We have to get together for dinner soon. 🙂 Can’t wait to photograph your beautiful wedding! Y’all are too fun!


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