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Well….Thomas has been encouraging me to write more posts about our day-to-day life, and I am slowly but surely succumbing to his request. I suppose that my hesitation comes from my not-so-easy-to-turn-off journalism brain. I even still struggle to use the word that is such a no-no for true news journalists…you know the one…that “I” word, in these posts. First-person was definitely off limits throughout my training. When Thomas tries to convince me to write about daily life, I automatically hear the voices of my professors saying “don’t write about yourself; the story isn’t about you.” To some extent, I still feel that way about this blog. T2 Photography is not about us; we are about you. It’s your story we’re interested in telling, and you are the ones we want to get to know.

But this is where I succomb, and I admit that Thomas is right. That’s right. It’s here in black and white. He is right, and I am wrong. (But I’m only a teency bit wrong!) And by the way, I’m only admiting that for you guys.

The determining factor was: In order for you to trust us to tell your story, you deserve a few more “get to know us” posts. We really do want to get to know you guys too. We’re mighty curious about who’s reading this stuff out in the blogosphere. (I just cringed at the word. There’s got to be a better word than blogosphere, but I digress.)

Here we go. Here’s a little bit more about our daily lives. Well, here’s a bit more about Thomas’ daily life. Baby steps people, baby steps.

If you’ve read the “Who We Are” section on our web site, you probably already know about Thomas’ passion, other than photography…the outdoors. Yes. Thomas loves hunting, fishing, building things, working on large equipment, and of course, taking photographs…all of which he does outdoors.  With the Alabama heat and the Hay Fever headaches, he doesn’t spend quite as much time outside in the summer, but I can assure you, as soon as the leaves begin to turn and the air begins to smell of that crisp fall-air-smell, Thomas will spend every minute he possibly can outdoors. Luckily, his wife likes being outside too, and even more importantly, that’s where we prefer taking your pictures anyway. 😉

Here are a few photos he snapped today while he was at the farm in Tennessee, and a few others that are just my favorites….some of the ones I think capture the true essence of what I love about Thomas. Meet Thomas…outdoor enthusiast…photographer…uncle of 7…and my fabulous husband.

Thomas, aka "Uncle Thomas," or by others as "Uncle T2"

Thomas, aka "Uncle Thomas," or "Uncle T2"

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little bit better. Come back and see us again soon. More session sneak peeks to come…and per Thomas’ request, more about us too.


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