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I so enjoy seniors. Something about shooting seniors is just refreshing. Their excitement about the shoot, and about life in general, is infectious. This was certainly the case with Kaitlin. I was especially excited to meet Kaitlin because her mom told us that Kaitlin had very thoughtfully selected T2 Photography for her senior portraits. She’d researched photographers from Birmingham to Florence, and after careful consideration, she chose us!  Talk about a fabulous compliment. I had to meet her…because I loved her already. 🙂

Kaitlin and I had been working to schedule her shoot for about a week, trying to make sure that our calendars meshed. Wednesday seemed like it would work well for everyone, so we agreed to meet the afternoon of the 23rd.

What happened next was rain. A whole lot of it. It seemed as though it rained from the moment Kaitlin and I hung up the phone, until an hour before we were supposed to meet on the 23rd. We were all beginning to wonder if the rain would ever stop. At 4:15 the afternoon of the shoot, Kaitlin sent me a text message asking me if I thought the rain would hold off. I told her that I wasn’t sure, but we’d hope for the best and give it a shot! Thomas and I grabbed our gear and headed to meet Kaitlin and her mom.

By the time we arrived, things were finally starting to dry out, and it didn’t rain anymore that evening. Although it was a bit dreary and gray, Kaitlin certainly was not. Her bright eyes and smile greeted us warmly, and I knew that she’d be comfortable in front of the camera in no time at all. Sure enough, Kaitlin seemed to be 100% at ease from the moment we started shooting. With a bright smile and a personality to match, Kaitlin made our job easy.

Kaitlin, after searching high and low for photographers, we’re glad you chose us, and we hope you are glad you chose us too. Here’s your sneak peek…

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