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This past weekend Thomas and I traveled to Enterprise. Thomas booked a commercial photo shoot there, and I could not possibly pass up the opportunity to go spend time with my sister and the girls and visit with our friends, Laura and Jansen.  I spent all day Saturday with my sister while Thomas took care of the commercial shoot, and then later that evening we met up with Laura and Jansen so that we could take pictures of their beautiful baby girl, Madison.

You see, Laura is one of my very best and very oldest friends. We met at church in third grade, and we have been inseparable ever since. In eighth grade I moved from Dothan to Auburn, but Laura and I never lost touch. Luckily, her parents are avid Auburn fans, so every time they traveled up for a game, we took full advantage of the trip. Once we graduated from high school, Laura went to Auburn University, and so did I.  We were roommates for part of our time at Auburn, and since then, we’ve both married; Thomas and I were in Laura and Jansen’s wedding, and Jansen and Laura were in ours.

Last year Laura and Jansen added a little one to their family, Miss Madison. As you can imagine, I’m quite smitten with little Miss Madison.

Thomas and I hadn’t seen her since July, and oh my, what a difference one month can make! She is crawling, pulling up, jabbering, and of course keeping mommy on her toes while she attempts to get into absolutely everything! Without further ado…Meet Miss Madison.


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