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Most of you who follow us on Facebook have already heard, but since we intend to post about our pregnancy journey here on the blog, we want to make the announcement here as well. On March 7th, Thomas and I found out that this little baby growing and dancing in my belly is a precious little girl.

Our house has already begun to fill up with tiny, lacy, pink onesies and dresses. And to say that we are excited would be an understatement.

We have some names in mind, but we have not decided on the perfect one quite yet. And we might just decide that we have to meet this little princess before we truly know what to call her. More updates coming soon.



(When we arrived home with our CD from the ultrasound, we were sad to find it was blank. This is a photo I took with my phone of the printed ultrasound picture. Even though it’s not great quality, I wanted to share our little princess with you.)




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