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I’ve gotten a tad bit behind on blog posts, and just today I realized that I hadn’t shared this lovely session on the blog yet. Robert and Ashley are friends of ours, and Thomas and Ashley have been good friends since they were in junior high in Prattville. We were so excited for these two when we heard they’d gotten engaged! Soon after Robert popped the question, Ashley called Thomas to talk to him about shooting their wedding. She called us with a date in mind, and we told her that regretfully, we were already booked on that date. We were super disappointed, but just a few days later, Ashley called us back with fabulous news. She and Robert had spoken to their families, and they’d decided on another date. We were thrilled to hear they’d made the change, because we were available for the new date!

Ashley and Robert both live in Nashville, but they decided that they’d like to do their engagement session in Auburn. Well…the date arrived, and I’m pretty sure it was one of the coldest days in Auburn this Winter. It was overcast and blustery, and a couple of times we even had snowflakes. When the wind blew, it felt like it was 10 degrees outside. The snow was beautiful, but let me tell you, this Alabama girl was not made for weather that cold. I was bundled up in a hat and scarf, and I put on as many layers as I could before I left the house. Ashley and Robert were complete troopers, though. They did not complain a bit…not even a little…even though I know they had to be freezing too. I was so worried that one or both of them would be sick after the session, but they just kept assuring me that they were fine. Thomas and I tried to get as much as we could as quickly as we could, and we took breaks in between so Ashley and Robert could warm up a bit. Even though it was extra cold that day, the snow made for some really lovely photos, so I’m glad that we didn’t reschedule.

Ashley and Robert, you guys are great sports! We had a blast with you both at your e-session, and we can’t wait until May 21st. (Luckily, it will be much warmer the next time we photograph you two!) 🙂 We’re so honored that you’ve asked us to photograph your wedding, and we’re looking forward to being present for such a special day in your lives. May will be here before we even know it…and we can’t wait!







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