2016 Review | Thank You

While this post is a little late, I don’t want to let another day pass without thanking the brides and grooms who allowed us to capture some of the most important memories of their lives in 2016. You welcomed us into some of the most beautiful moments on your wedding day. Heartfelt prayers with your bridesmaids, the first time your dad saw you in your wedding dress, emotional gift exchanges between mother and daughter, the tears you shared when your fiance finally saw you as his bride, and so many other intimate moments that you allowed us to be present for and capture. You trusted us with your memories. Those little moments are a gift to us. We store them up in our hearts, and during the times when this path Thomas and I have chosen seems too hard, we pull those moments out of our memory vault, and they remind us. They remind us of why we do what we do. They feed our souls and keep us moving forward. Thank you for giving us the gift of your moments. Thank you for letting us into such a personal, special time of your lives. Thank you for feeding our souls. We hope our images do those beautiful moments justice and that your wedding photos become treasures in your household and heirlooms for your families. And it is our prayer that the Lord continues to bless each of your lives together. We pray for lifetimes full of joy, happiness, laughter and love for each of you.




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