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Things Brides Do That Make Us Swoon

We swoooon when brides…

  1. Have creative ideas for engagement sessions.
  2. Want to hear our creative ideas for engagement sessions!
  3. Aren’t afraid of color. {We LOVE color.}
  4. Pay attention to all the tiny details.
  5. Use handmade, vintage and oh-so-Southern elements in their wedding decor. {Triple swoon here, people.}
  6. Add some funkiness to the bride and groom wardrobe.
  7. Aren’t afraid to add some funkiness to the groomsmen and bridesmaids’ wardrobes. {Can you say fun shoes, bow ties and colorful socks? Yes please!}
  8. Aren’t afraid to cut loose and have some serious F-U-N at their e-session and on the wedding day.
  9. Visit wedding blogs for inspiration. {Like…Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Snippet & Ink , Ruffled Blog and more. Check out the “Blogs We Love” list at the bottom of the page for more wedding inspiration and goodness!}
  10. Find items for their wedding day on Etsy.
  11. Have eclectic style. {Mix things up. Who says everything has to be so matchy-matchy?}
  12. Ask us for ideas and assistance when they think we might be able to help.
  13. Give us lists of names of important people/family members for the wedding day.
  14. Give us names of other vendors we’ll be working with on the wedding day.
  15. Wear cute shoes.
  16. Comment on the blog!
  17. Aren’t afraid to be affectionate with their grooms in front of the camera.
  18. Love to dance.
  19. Have their wedding dresses on beautiful hangers, ready for that oh-so-special dress shot! These are our very favorite custom hangers!
  20. Personalize the entrance of their wedding venue. This is a great way to greet guests!  We think these custom signs from Chocolate Butterbean are just divine! These signs on Etsy are pretty great too!
  21. Have beautiful table settings at their receptions.  You can find great inspiration on the Swanky Tables Blog!

This List is ever-growing, so please check back for updates!

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